President Michael Mortimer


Michael Mortimer

President Mike Mortimer

How long have you been on the Board and what position do you currently hold?
Joined in summer of 2018 as a Technical Director. Elected President in December, 2019.

What municipality or organization do you represent?
The City of Stratford- Manager of Environmental Services

What is your educational and professional background?
Graduated Western University with a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and Biology. Started in the industry in 2002 and have operational experience of 5 years. Currently hold Class 4 licences in water treatment and distribution and Class 2 licenses in wastewater treatment and collection.

The OMWA is a not-for-profit organization and all Board positions, including yours, are all volunteer, what inspired you to become an OMWA Board Member?
I have always had a passion for the regulatory, legislative and policy components that shape a large part of our industry. The OMWA allows an opportunity to contribute to these conversations with other stakeholders as we continue to face challenges and adapt as an industry.

What do you hope to see in the future for OMWA?
The key objectives of the mission statement of the OMWA are incredible. It is essential that the continued promotion and execution of these objectives across the province, along with engagement from our membership, is sustained and we carry on the torch from past Directors.

What would you say to a 16-year-old student considering a career path, in water?
There are so many pathways to choose from. Try and gain some insight through summer jobs that are related to water which include conservation authorities, laboratories or municipal operation. This may help you decide a pathway prior to post-secondary decisions.

What advice would you give to a new graduate considering a position in the water industry?
Operational experience is invaluable and to try and obtain some early on in your career. Network as much as you can. The industry is smaller than you think and the people devoted to safe drinking water are a tremendous group.

What is your hometown?
Grew up on Lake Muskoka near Bala, Ontario

What brought you to Ontario?
Have lived here all my life.

What was your first job?
Pumping gas at a marina in the mid 1980s

What challenges have you had to overcome in your career?
Early on in my career, in order to gain confidence with public speaking, I reached out to speak at conferences and workshops.

What are some of your hobbies or how do you spend your free time?
Golfing, playing hockey, coaching hockey

What is something quirky about you?
I quote an episode of Seinfeld on a daily basis

What was your most prized toy as a child, and why?
My dad welded me together a homemade hockey net when I was young which was pretty cool at the time. And any of my Tonka trucks.

If you could have a t-shirt printed with a message, what would it be?
“These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty. Drink Water!” (see the quirky questionabove)

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