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Ontario Municipal Water Association
(OMWA) Primary Contacts:

OMWA Accounting
61 Meadowlark Blvd
Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 3B3
Phone: 416-738-5418

Justin Pulleyblank
President, OMWA
ORO of Waster Distribution
ENWIN Utilities Ltd
Business Phone: 519-251-7300 ext667

Ed Houghton, Executive Director
Phone: 705-441-3777


Memberships, and to advertise your upcoming/current career opportunities,  to join OMWA or general inquiries:

Media inquiries and website issues:


Municipal membership consists of municipalities, public utilities commissions, committees of council or other authorities appointed for the purpose of directing and operating a publicly-owned water system, and for wastewater and stormwater management. The membership is corporate and covers all elected officials and staff of the municipality. No need for individual memberships. Municipal members are eligible to be elected to the board of directors.

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