Former President’s message

Former President’s message

As we enter 2018, we should stop to reflect and evaluate our challenges, opportunities and successes over the past year.

The OMWA is honoured to have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our members, and to work with the province’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) on the policies, procedures, and governance issues that directly impact our member municipalities and our First Nations throughout the year and into our future.

The exchange of information, articles, and conversations through media such as (Water)3 and our newswire has brought many water-related topics to the forefront. These are of significant importance to all Ontarians, especially those of us who share the oversight responsibility of supplying safe, sustainable drinking water to our municipal customers.

We all learn from each other’s invaluable experiences, education, and foresight to become better water stewards through this process. We never stop learning about water.

The OMWA embraces the “One Water” concept where all water issues are connected: drinking water, wastewater and stormwater included. Today, most of us recognize the value of these water resources and have developed a more focused, and more innovative vision for them for the future.

When we reached the conclusion of 2017, the OMWA extended a significant “thank you” to all of our partners and colleagues for working together for the greater good of safe drinking water, across our province. Also, we thank  everyone who has taken the time to share your successes, concerns, insights and stories with us through (Water)3 and our newswire. Thank you for your contributions and for helping keeping Ontario’s drinking water sector informed and connected.

We look forward to our continued dialogue in 2018 and beyond. We encourage your submissions and participation, and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

One Water: One People; we are all in this together!

Rosemary Kelleher-MacLennan,
former President, Ontario Municipal Water Association

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