A Message from the OMWA Board of Directors

Dear Valued OMWA Members     

The OMWA is proud of its work over the decades and has sustained a strong and engaged membership.  We have a very active volunteer board, and we continue to maintain our reputation as a trusted advisor to the provincial government and a valued voice for more than 180 Municipalities and Public Drinking Water Authorities.

The input we have received from members over the years has been invaluable, and we would particularly like to thank the many members who have provided positive feedback on the work we have been doing to help them during the pandemic. 

While we appear to be easing into a new normal, there has never been a more important time than now that we continue to work together to address the issues facing our industry. Whether it is the challenges resulting from the pandemic or other critical issues such as lead in drinking water, it is imperative that we continue to provide the collective experience and expertise from across the province to help our members manage these challenges effectively.

To support this, we continue to be an effective and respected advisor to decision-makers, developing briefing papers, creating policy statements and distributing educational material to government ministries and agencies. Our reports have led to changes to government policies and procedures.

Public expectations of municipalities have never been higher and it is crucial that we continue to help educate and promote the safety, quality, reliability and sustainability of drinking water in Ontario. 

The OMWA believes transparency is essential when it come to our municipal water systems. We also believe it is essential in our own work. Our Annual General Meetings highlight the work we have accomplished and present our audited statements on how member fees are utilized. If you were unable to attend this year’s AGM and wish to see the presentation, please let us know and we can forward it to you. 

We encourage you to reach out to any Board member if you have any questions, concerns or needs. We are always here to help in our joint efforts to protect our most precious resource – water. 

OMWA Board of Directors

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President’s 2020 Year End Message

Dear OMWA Member:

I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. Our members and their professional water, wastewater and stormwater staff remain our top priority and we will continue to ensure that we provide the greatest benefit for your membership.

Looking back, just one year ago, I wrote in my President’s message, that challenges have always been part of our industry and always will be, but we are fortunate that there are so many dedicated individuals across Ontario. As we turn the page on what has been one of the most challenging year of our lives, both personally and professionally, this couldn’t be truer.

I also spoke of my personal experiences and the privilege that I felt to work with many of you, to have discussions on the challenges we have faced and the challenges to come. That with challenges, come opportunities, a time to be innovative, a time to collaborate, and perhaps most importantly, a time to work together and to continue to build relationships.

Again, this year has proven this to be more important than ever before. As challenges became the new normal, the OMWA was honoured to be able to contribute to relevant discussions through collaboration, innovation, and forging new relationships.

As the world began to change in the middle of March, there was uncertainty like never before across our industry. The OMWA wanted to be able to provide an outlet that would communicate relevant, important information in a forum that could reach out across the province, and in some cases, Canada.  The industry wanted information and we were able to provide this in an easy format that people could access.

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