Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Great Resignation and the Challenge of Hiring and Retaining Staff

Who Should Attend:

This webinar will be of interest to those tasked or responsible for recruitment and retention from the HR professional to leaders, Supervisors, and Managers within the organization.


The recruitment and retention of operators has never been more top of mind, and there is no doubt that, with many changes in workplace culture overall, the members of the OMWA are facing their own unique industry challenges. The industry needs to think creatively in regard to retention and attraction of employees.

This webinar will discuss:

            • Your need to retain and attract new, educated operators prepared to do after-hours work
            • The challenge of creating excitement and enticement for your current and prospective staff and to build better cultures for retention.

As its backdrop, this workshop will use the idea of the “great resignation” and the fact that everyone is a little idealistic, looking for a high level of work/life balance, with the pandemic receding and society coming to a more “new normal” state. As we know, the pandemic has caused some good (freedom from “time clocks” and coming to work) and bad feelings (some union issues which are divisive). It is especially important today to have “reasonable” management and leaders who are interested in peoples’ issues, such as being empathic to family, work/life balance and commute concerns. Addressing these concerns may seem to be more difficult in an old-fashioned Municipal environment and some union environments where facetime is still important. As a society we are realizing more and more that upcoming generations, cheered on by pandemic changes, are wanting to do things differently, in a more empowered way. This workshop will review some best practices and ways of reframing these challenges at a time of change and frustration.


Bonnie Clark
OMWA Director, Deputy Mayor of Otonabee South Monaghan Township
Bonnie is the Deputy Mayor of Otonabee South Monaghan Township or OSM “pronounced awesome” Township in her world. She has always had a great respect for our water and its safety and has been a proud OMWA member for the past 4 years as a political Board Director. Presently, she is also the member of the Peterborough County Council and member of the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Committee. She also sits on the Board of Directors for Peterborough Public Health and is a past chair of Otonabee Conservation Authority and the Peterborough Housing Authority. Professionally Bonnie is a retired Registered Nurse and very involved in her families agricultural sector and member of the Ontario Egg Producers.


Maria Milanetti, MBA, CHRP, APC
Partner, MarchFifteen Consulting
Maria has been a professional Organizational Development expert for over 20 years. Maria works at MarchFifteen Consulting Inc. and is a former Hospital VP and University and Municipal change management professional. She has clients in many parts of the public and private sector. She works with HVAC and Technical companies as well as larger unionized organizations in the public sector on organizational change and success projects.

She has worked within Canada, in the US and abroad on various projects. A theme through her work is addressing problems that seem unsolvable and working with organizations to mediate challenges in their environments. As comfortable in the Board Room as she is in the plant, Maria enjoys helping her clients to find ways through difficult challenges to get to the other side and remain successful. She does work that involves multiple stakeholders and views on a regular basis. Maria looks forward to spending time with you in this seminar.




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