Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

Session #14: What Secrets is Your Water Distribution System Hiding from You!


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With the widespread usage of SCADA networks, Water System Managers and Operators have access to a wealth of information from their “gated facilities” like Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Storage Facilities, etc… However, once you leave these “gated facilities”, managers and operators often run partially or fully blind to the secrets that a water distribution network holds! Diurnal customer usage profiles, fluctuating pressures, closed valves, water leaks, low chlorine residuals, abnormal usage / pressure transient events are just some of the secrets our water system hide from us. However, with the advent of lower cost IoT connected devices, cloud based data storage and machine learning analytics, utilities have access to the tools needed to reveal these secrets allowing for improved operational efficiencies and end user customer experiences.

At the completion of this one-hour OJT session, participants will be able to demonstrate the following:

            • How IoT connected devices can deliver a wide array of data types related to water system operation and management for improved decision making.
            • Understand the benefits of cloud based solutions for data storage and viewing.
            • Determine what monitoring devices best suit their current needs and how IoT devices can be scaled over time to meet technical and budget constraints.
            • Better appreciate the benefits of machine learning algorithms for analytics and system optimization
            • Establish the importance of pressure management and water loss control that help extend the life of their infrastructure.
            • Improve customer service all while ensuring they maximize their revenues from water metering.


Alain Lalonde, P.Eng

Our facilitator is Alain Lalonde, P.Eng. of Mueller Canada Ltd.  Over his 28-year career in the water industry, Alain Lalonde has helped to promote and implement leading edge approaches and technologies to assess and reduce Non-Revenue Water.  A recognized authority in NRW management, Alain has managed some of the largest real loss reduction programs within Canada and has also work internationally.  He is an active member of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee & IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. Currently, he manages the business development and sales portfolio for the Mueller Technology Solutions Group for Canada where he has direct sales responsibilities for the Echologics, Singer Valve, Hydro-Guard, i2O, Smart Hydrant & Metrology product brands of Mueller.


These 1-hour virtual sessions are offered every alternate Thursday starting at 2:00 pm.  Sessions are complimentary to all OMWA members and the fee for non-members is $30.00 CAD plus HST per person per session.  

If you have any specific questions regarding this OJT session, please feel free to submit them when you register and we will provide them to the workshop facilitator.   

The OMWA will provide a certificate recognizing participation in these On the Job Training sessions.
Attendance may also qualify as a Continuing Knowledge Activity for the PEO PEAK program

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