Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

Session #15:  Micro-Nano bubble generator – your aeration bubble size matters!


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Many waste water treatment facilities are getting near or are overloaded beyond their design limits with current aeration system.  Micro-nano bubble generators can be easily retro fitted in any system to provide oxygen demand capacity . This would enhance the sustainability of current operations with minimal capital expansion or re-engineering costs. The nature of the MNBs require no aeration grids to be installed.  The system has low maintenance requirements and all maintenance can be perform on shore.  Real time data capture of current pond/basin/ water qualities parameters can be data logged and sampled without operators have to enter a confined space to sample the pond. This is a chemical free, operator friendly, safe and sustainable technology.

At the completion of this one-hour OJT session, participants will be able to demonstrate the following:

            • Specialized equipment used to generate Micro-nano bubbles (MNBs).
            • What the residence time of a MNBs in water compared to other aeration systems.
            • The depth that a Micro-nano bubble (MNBs) can be found.
            • Where the application of Micro-nano bubbles (MNBs) could be in used in their current wastewater systems to increase efficiency or treatment capacity.


Jong Jay

Our facilitators are Jong Jay, Technical Sales Manager with Flowpoint Environmental Services.  Previously, Jong was the National Technical Manager for Newalta and has more twenty five years creating operational plans in Hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste management for upstream and downstream Oil and Gas companies, Industrial complexes and Municipal waste. He has managed dredging /dewatering lime sludge ponds and sewage lagoons, created chemical programming for oil/water/solids separation processes, and water treatment programs. He has handled every waste type produced in Western Canada (Industrial and Oilfield) and the processes associated with the disposal/recycling.

Kyle Greene

Our facilitators are Professional Chemist and an Environmental Professional. Kyle’s area of expertise includes innovative wastewater treatment techniques, research and development, water reclamation and environmental management. Kyle has 15 years of experience in water treatment system design, optimization, water chemistry optimization and water management. His clients have included all levels of government locally and internationally, oil and gas producers, oilsands producers, disposal companies, production facilities, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants and engineering firms.

These 1-hour virtual sessions are offered every alternate Thursday starting at 2:00 pm.  Sessions are complimentary to all OMWA members and the fee for non-members is $30.00 CAD plus HST per person per session.  

If you have any specific questions regarding this OJT session, please feel free to submit them when you register and we will provide them to the workshop facilitator.   

The OMWA will provide a certificate recognizing participation in these On the Job Training sessions.
Attendance may also qualify as a Continuing Knowledge Activity for the PEO PEAK program

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