Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

Session #10: Trapping Trash in Stormwater – The LITTATRAP Way


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The Enviropod LittaTrap is an innovative catch basin inlet filter device designed for easy retrofit installation into new and existing stormwater catch basins to specifically target sediment, trash, debris and gross pollutants, capturing them at source and preventing stormwater runoff pollutants from entering into lakes, streams, harbors and beaches. The LittaTrap Inlet Filter System is a low cost, easily maintainable solution for capturing sediment and particles larger than 5mm. The LittaTrap is also effective when placed as a pre-treatment device for use in a treatment train with other hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, ponds and wetlands. In many cases, it is often the most practical solution for retrofits.

The LittaTrap inlet filter system can also be fitted with site-specific performance liners that are designed to capture a variety of stormwater pollutants, such as small sediment particles and/or plastic resin pellets (nurdles). Each performance liner is designed to fit easily inside the LittaTrap basket.

At the completion of this one-hour OJT session, participants will be able to demonstrate the following:

      • Understand filter features, design options, considerations, and installation guidelines.
      • Understand the operation and maintenance involved – including features and benefits.
      • What quality controls and regulatory approvals and certifications are offered.
      • A review of pre-treatment application and maintenance guidelines including estimated costs.

Will Harris

Our Facilitator is William Harris, President of Clean Waters USA, Inc., the North American agent and technical services consultant for Enviropod International Ltd.’s stormwater management products and services. Mr. Harris has over 30 years’ experience in the environmental industry and has successfully introduced a variety of new and innovative stormwater treatment technologies and products for use in private, public and industrial sector markets throughout North America. In addition, Mr. Harris has extensive knowledge of water quality regulations and guidelines throughout the USA and Canada, including municipal ordinances that address the mitigation of stormwater pollutants conveyed in stormwater runoff. Mr. Harris is a graduate of San Francisco State University and holds a certification in Environmental Assessment and Remediation from the University of California, Davis. Mr. Harris is also the former President of the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA).



These 1-hour virtual sessions are offered every alternate Thursday starting at 2:00 pm.  Sessions are complimentary to all OMWA members and the fee for non-members is $30.00 CAD plus HST per person per session.  

If you have any specific questions regarding this OJT session, please feel free to submit them when you register and we will provide them to the workshop facilitator.   

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Attendance may also qualify as a Continuing Knowledge Activity for the PEO PEAK program

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