Kristin Murray



1. How long have you been on the Board and what position do you currently hold?
Since February 2023

2. What municipality or organization do you represent?
City of Timmins

3. What is your educational and professional background?
BA in Equity Diversity & Human Rights. Spent 19 years working in the non-profit sector. I have been on council since 2018, currently serving my second term.

4. The OMWA is a not-for-profit organization and all Board positions, including yours, are all volunteer, what inspired you to become an OMWA Board Member?
Ensuring clean drinking water, is essential. As is protecting the lifecycle of water. I became a Board member because I believe in the importance of water and believe in the mission of OMWA

5. What do you hope to see in the future for OMWA?
I hope to see many others engaged in the efforts of OMWA

6. What would you say to a 16-year-old student considering a career path, in water?
By choosing to consider a career in water, you are a changemaker in my eyes.

7. What advice would you give to a new graduate considering a position in the water industry?
As an Indigenous person, advice I would give to a new graduate is to ensure that they are engaging in meaningful consultation with Indigenous communities.

8. What’s your hometown?
I grew up in Toronto, later moved to Chapleau

9. What was your first job?
Summer Student Customer Service Representative at the Royal Bank in Chapleau

10. What are some of your hobbies or how do you spend your free time?
I like to spend time on the Land, hiking, fishing and hunting.

11. What is something quirky about you?
I think I’m funnier than I actually am and always laugh at my own jokes.

12. What was your most prized toy as a child, and why?
My Nintendo Gameboy, I loved playing Streetfighter and Tetris.

13. If you could have a t-shirt printed with a message, what would it be?
Be good to yourself, and others.

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