Friday, November 24, 2023

Part 1: Simplicity with maximum versatility: How C.E.C. Analytics is using wastewater technology for new applications


C.E.C. Analytics has a mission to support the community and environmental health across Canada through the use of wastewater. As a technology disruptor in the field of wastewater surveillance, C.E.C.’s community-focused approach is breaking down previous barriers to ensure any community or business has the option to implement their technology. As new infectious diseases, emerging drug poisoning agents and contaminants of concern arise within communities, the need for early detection methods are critical to identify localized outbreaks and implementation of mitigation strategies.

As a leader in long-term wastewater monitoring solutions, C.E.C.’s proven process is simple, cost-effective and easy to implement in a variety of environments. It allows clients to leverage the knowledge found in water and develop proactive decisions to protect the communities.

This webinar will:

  • Provide learnings from last 3 years of wastewater monitoring. Case studies that demonstrate how sampling is feasible as an early warning detection for senior care homes, schools, hospitals, military, remote campsites, municipalities, indigenous communities, commercial real estate properties and more.
  • Advancements in Point-of-Care and Sampling technologies.
  • Expanding of analysis targets for public health and environmental monitoring


Ed Houghton
OMWA Executive Director
Ed Houghton has more than 45 years of experience in both water and municipal-utility experience, as the long-time President and CEO of Collus PowerStream Corp. and Collingwood Public Utilities and the Executive Director of the OMWA since 2015. In 2012, while he was still with the Collingwood Public Utilities, Ed was the recipient of the OMWA Exceptional Merit Award, presented to the individual who has made an important contribution to the waterworks sector over an extended period of time. For distinguished service to the water-supply field, in 2005, Ed was recognized with the most prestigious award for water in North America – the George Warren Fuller Award. As the Executive Director of the Ontario Municipal Water Association, Ed has emphasized, to all that will listen, that OMWA is here because of our members and that our goal is to assist our member municipal professionals to be the best that they can be and to provide Ontario citizens with exceptional water, wastewater and stormwater services.


Paul Westlund, Ph.D.
Water Treatment Specialist
Paul Westlund, Ph.D., is a water treatment specialist with in-depth experience in tracking and monitoring contaminants of emerging concern, including illicit drugs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and industrial contaminants. Over the last decade he has developed analytical techniques and sampling technologies that have been key to understanding the presence and persistence of contaminants in urban wastewater and receiving environment. Paul is the founder of C.E.C. Analytics and has developed a patented sampler technology that can be used to effectively monitor infectious diseases and substances of potential abuse in wastewater. He leads a team of scientists and engineers that support wastewater-based epidemiology projects across Canada, Europe, Asia and USA, with a focus on monitoring rural communities and high-risk facilities.



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