Friday, November 12, 2021

NSERC-Alliance grants as a funding mechanism for collaborative research


Who Should Attend:

This must-attend 1 hour webinar is designed for anyone involved in the delivery of Municipal Water, Wastewater, of Stormwater and in particular, those engineers and staff with responsibilities involved with obtaining or processing grants for collaborative research projects. Get inspired by successful projects engaging municipalities and university researchers to solve local problems and provide the required knowledge for data-based decision making.


Join us for an informative and interactive session with NSERC.

            • Learn about the NSERC-Alliance funding opportunities to finance collaborative research. 
            • Understand the potential benefits to municipalities and other water sector partners and the municipal role in such collaborative research projects.
            • Become familiar with support resources currently available that allow you to find the relevant expertise and engage with Canadian universities to solve local problems.
            • Familiarize yourself with the overall Alliance application process.
            • Learn about available resources to assist you in the application process.

Webinar Host:

Laura Smit, OMWA Director, Superintendent of Water Treatment & Supply, City of Orillia

Laura Smit is currently the Superintendent of Water Treatment and Supply for the City of Orillia.  She is an active industry volunteer and has participated in various committees and working groups. Laura joined the OMWA Board of Directors as a Technical Director in April 2018.  She was born and raised in Orillia and has over 20 years of varied experience in water and wastewater operations working for various municipalities

Webinar Speakers:

Shirine Jeradi, Ph.D.
NSERC, Manager – Research Partnerships 
Shirine Jeradi, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cologne and an M.Sc. from the University of Ottawa. She has been involved with organizing numerous events dedicated to industry-university collaboration and worked to promote entrepreneurship among STEM graduate students. Shirine served as Secretary and Vice President-Elect of the Dalhousie University Post-doctoral Society, which aims to build the capacity of the postdoctoral research community in Nova Scotia. She recently joined NSERC as a manager with Research partnerships and has been involved in the delivery of the Alliance program for Infrastructure, and most recently returned to Ontario to lead the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.


François Santerre, Ph.D.
NSERC, Senior Program Manager
Dr. Santerre joined the NCE Secretariat as a Senior Program Manager as of June 1st 2021 and provides oversight and advice to a portfolio of networks on behalf of the NCE program. He has over fifteen years of work experience in university, private sector and government. Prior to joining the NCE, François was Research and Innovation Development Officer located at the NSERC Quebec regional Office in Montreal, promoting NSERC programs in Quebec and helping industry and academia develop research partnerships. For over 8 years, François was involved in the delivery of the NSERC Engage Grants and more recently in the delivery of the NSERC Alliance Grants as a Senior Program Officer. François holds a PhD in Materials Science from the INRS-EMT and a Masters in Business Administration from HEC-Montreal. Before joining NSERC, François worked in the field of Scientometrics for a Montreal based firm.





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