Friday, May 28, 2021

Water 101 for Councillors & Senior Staffers



Who Should Attend:

This must-attend 1 hour webinar is designed for Municipal Councillors, Water Utility Board Members, Municipal CAOs and other senior water management personnel to help leaders understand their legal and ethical responsibilities as owners of a public drinking water system.



The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) has been offering the “Standard of Care” workshop to elected leaders and senior executives of municipal water systems for many years.

WCWC has recently completed a comprehensive update of the existing course, and has developed new streamlined and flexible delivery options, including scheduled virtual offerings that individuals can take on their own time, safely and securely.

Join us to get insight into the content of the updated course as well as other helpful new information for those individuals with responsibilities for overseeing municipal drinking water systems.

Webinar Host:

Deb McIntosh
OMWA Director, AMO Board Member
City Councillor City of Greater Sudbury

Deb McIntosh is in her second term on the City of Greater Sudbury City Council representing Ward 9. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO: 2nd term) and the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA: 1st term) Currently, for the City of Greater Sudbury she chairs the Operations and Audit Committees and vice-chairs the Finance Committee and is past chair of the Planning Committee. An accountant in her pre-council life she makes water quality (both lake/river water and drinking water), one of her main priorities since being elected to serve her community.


Webinar Speakers:

The Honourable Dennis O’Connor
The Honourable Justice Dennis O’Connor, formerly the Associate Chief Justice of Ontario and was appointed to oversee the inquiry into the Walkerton tragedy The Honourable Dennis O’Connor, formerly the Associate Chief Justice of Ontario, is counsel in the Toronto Office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. He was appointed to the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 1998 and served as Associate Chief Justice from 2001 until he retired at the end of 2012. While on the bench Mr. O’Connor wrote numerous judgments dealing with a wide range of issues including public, criminal, commercial, insurance and securities law.

Carl Kuhnke
Walkerton Clean Water Centre, President & CEO

Carl Kuhnke, was appointed the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Walkerton Clean Water Centre in 2017. Carl is the CEO of the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, the Ontario Government Agency that trains drinking water operators and develops technology solutions for drinking water issues in the province, including Ontario’s 134 First Nations. After 20 years as a Canadian Ambassador in 5 different countries, and Ottawa, he left for the private sector and co-founded technology firms on the west coast. He returned to public service as the leader of Saskatchewan’s Centre of Excellence for Infrastructure, and most recently returned to Ontario to lead the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.

Brad Hoover
Walkerton Clean Water Centre, Manager of Training and Development

Brad Hoover has been the Manager of Training and Development at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre since May 2020. Brad’s primary focus over the past year has been dedicated to revising courses into virtual format and continues to lead the Centre into the technological future. He started working as a water and wastewater operator 15 years ago with Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). He worked his way up into management as a Senior Operations Manager which also branched into Process Specialist and Sr. Trainer within the Process Optimization & Technical Services Division. Brad has worked with multiple municipalities and councils over the years in offering guidance and operational input.


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