Friday, December 3, 2021

Come and get it! Your guide to applying for a CLI ECA

Who Should Attend:

This must-attend 1.5 hour webinar is designed for anyone involved in the delivery of Municipal Water, Wastewater, of Stormwater and in particular, those engineers and operations staff involved with obtaining or managing approvals for these types of activities.


Join us for an informative and interactive session with Aziz Ahmed, Manager of Municipal Water and Wastewater Permissions, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks’ (MECP) Environmental Permissions Branch:

            • At this session, the MECP will provide a brief overview of the changes to the permissions approach for sanitary sewage collection systems and stormwater management systems, with information on timelines, application process and requirements, and transition from the MECP’s Transfer of Review (ToR) Program. We will also be providing opportunities for participants to ask the Ministry questions ahead of the province’s transition to the Linear Infrastructure ECA Framework.
            • The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks is moving forward in adopting a Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approval (CLI ECA) for routine projects relating to municipal sewage collection and stormwater management works. This represents a significant change to the current “pipe by pipe” and “project by project” ECA requirements for works constructed by municipalities and developers.
            • Under the CLI ECA approach, municipalities will be issued a single ECA for all of their sewage and stormwater works that they own or are the beneficial owner of under development agreements. Municipalities, and developers working in their area, will then be able to construct most alterations and additions to sewage collection and stormwater works without needing a separate ECA, provided they comply with ministry Design Criteria, and terms and conditions of the CLI ECA.

Webinar Host:

Mike Mortimer
OMWA President, The Ontario Clean Water Agency.
Mike currently works as the Regional Hub Manager for the Georgian Highlands Region at the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Previous to his position at OCWA, he was employed in the municipal sector of the water and wastewater industry for over 18 years.

Mike graduated from Western University in 1997 with a BSc in Environmental Biology and holds certification in Water Treatment, Water Distribution and Supply, Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection.


Webinar Speakers:

Aziz Ahmed, P.Eng.
Aziz Ahmed, P.Eng., is Manager of Municipal Water and Wastewater Permissions at the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Environmental Permissions Branch, and is the approving director under Part V and VI of the SDWA for drinking water systems, and Part II.1 of EPA for municipal sewage collection and treatment, and stormwater. A graduate of the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering, Aziz has worked with the MECP since 1988, in a variety of engineering and managerial positions, in the areas of water treatment and distribution, stormwater management, and municipal and industrial wastewater.


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