Currently, the OMWA bursary program is not active. However, because that may change in the future, this page provides information about the program and eligibility. For more information about this program, please contact us.


The Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA) is the “voice of municipal water supply in Ontario”. The OMWA represents approximately 200 municipal water supply authorities in Ontario.

In 2007, the OMWA celebrated its 40th anniversary. As part of the anniversary celebration, the announcement of this bursary was made. This bursary was intended to promote careers in water operations and management in the municipal water supply industry to college students in programs that would be applicable to this industry.

The Walkerton Inquiry outlined the importance of water operators and the management of water supply to the safety of all water customers. The OMWA realizes the importance of front line water professionals and this bursary is intended to promote this profession.


An applicant for this bursary must be a resident of Ontario and a student registered at an Ontario Community College. The student shall also be enrolled in a program such as environmental technology or resource management that could lead to a career in the water supply industry.

Annual Scholarship Program

Each year applications will be received by the OMWA Board of Directors. The Deadline for applications is November 15 each calendar year. There will be up to 4 bursaries of $500.00 each. Generally, the scholarships will be awarded as follows:

  1. one bursary to a student that has a permanent residence in Northwestern Ontario (west of Nipigon)
  2. one bursary to a student that has a permanent residence in Northeastern Ontario (east of Nipigon, north of Parry Sound)
  3. one bursary to a student that has a permanent residence in Eastern Ontario (south of Parry Sound, east of Hwy 11)
  4. one bursary to a student that has a permanent residence in Southwestern Ontario (south of Parry Sound, west of Hwy 11)

The OMWA Board reserves the right to alter the award of bursary in a given year at its discretion. The bursary will be announced by February of the following year and the successful applicant must still be a registered student at that time (this includes Cooperative education terms).

Application Process

Application shall be made on the forms provided by the OMWA. All applications will be treated confidentially with the exception that the winners name, college and picture may be published.

Application may be made electronically or by mail. One copy of the application is required.

Selection Criteria

The OMWA Board will decide how they will evaluate the applications. The following criteria will generally be used as a guide to selecting the successful applicants:

 Criterion Maximum Score
 Essay * (see note, below) 35 points
 Community Activities, reference letters ** 35
 Marks from most recent transcript (or report card) 20
  Completed Application 10
  Total 100

* Essay – an essay of up to 1,000 words is required as part of the application. The topic shall be related to the importance of municipal water supply and some suggestions are:

  • the role of water operators in protecting public health;
  • the role of water system management in protecting public health;
  • impacts of the Walkerton Inquiry for water supply;
  • importance of safe drinking water to public health.

The applicant is welcome to choose his or her own topic; the above are only listed for illustrative purposes.

** Community Activities – each applicant is required to list up to 5 community activities that they have been involved with as a participant, volunteer, organizer, etc. The community activities can include volunteer work, sports; etc. The applicant is also to include two reference letters that speak to some of the community activities listed in the application.


The OMWA Board reserves the right to amend the bursary program at any time. Currently the program is not active, but may return in the future.

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