Past President Andrew Henry


Andrew J. Henry, P.Eng.

Andrew is currently the Director of Regional Water for the Lake Huron & Elgin Area Primary Water Supply Systems, which treats and supplies drinking water to London and fourteen municipalities in the greater London region.

In addition to being involved in numerous provincially significant initiatives, including the development of the Drinking Water Quality Management System, the development of the Ontario Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, the Operating Authority Accreditation Management Committee, Emergency Management and Critical Infrastructure Assurance, and various advisory committees to the Province of Ontario, Andrew is also on the Source Protection Committee for the Lake Erie Source Protection Region. Andrew has been on the Board of Directors for the OMWA since 2009.

In May 2014, Andrew was awarded OMWA’s Don Black Award which recognizes individuals or public water authorities who have demonstrated outstanding service in support of the principles of the Ontario Municipal Water Association. In 2017, he received the OMWA Award of Exceptional Merit. He has been on the Board of Directors for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre since 2015.

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